Why a Clean Retail Space Can Increase Your Sales

A clean retail space can increase your sales because it is based on a neat and clean environment that customers or consumers alike form their opinion about a particular business. In fact, customers would like to stay longer in a clean retail space than a dirty and untidy space.

Here’s why a clean retail space can increase your sales.

1. Positive Customer Experience

The look of your retail space affects the overall experience of customers directly. It is the experience of your customers that determines whether or not to make a purchase. A dirty and untidy retail space will mean a negative shopping experience which never translates into sales. Your sales will increase when you keep your retail space clean, tidy and attractive.

Imagine walking into a retail outlet with the intention of buying some items, but started noticing spills and rotten odor as you are walking around the store. You will surely run away from such a retail outlet. A clean retail space will mean positive customer experience, which will increase your sales because customers will be encouraged to stay longer and buy more than they wanted initially.

2. Positive First Impressions

A clean retail space will bring first impressions that can lead to increased sales. A clean store or retail space with an attractive look will lead to greater sales. The first impression of a customer to a dirty and disorganized retail space is that he is not spending his money in that store which is a negative customer experience. Keeping your retail space clean will attract customers to make more purchases and increase your sales.

3. Healthy Working Environment

A clean environment will motivate the sales personnel to put in their best because the retail space would be healthy and conducive for them to work. A clean environment is free from germs and diseases that can cause sickness to workers. When there are more sick days on the part of the sales personal owing to dirty environment, sales would drop because there would be a few number of sales representatives to attend to customers.


A clean retail space will ensure healthy working atmosphere, positive first impressions and positive customer experience. All these will go a long way in increasing your sales. However, employing a commercial cleaning company is the best way to get your retail space cleaned. They are professionals with abundant of experience.

How Often Should I Have My Office and Home Professionally Cleaned?

One of the questions homeowners and business owners often ask when hiring professional cleaning services is, how frequent should they have their property cleaned? For most people, the work environment usually serves as their second home. This is especially true for individuals working full-time since they have to spend more than six hours of their day at the workplace.

You’ll agree that maintaining a clean environment is crucial for every home and business. In the workplace, a clean environment improves productivity and makes a good impression to clients. On the other hand, a clean home environment ensures you retire in a healthy, clean, and comfortable home. But, the question still remains, how often are you supposed to have your home or office professionally cleaned?

How often should your House Cleaner Come?

The most important thing you should do is communicating clearly to your house cleaner. Let him know your needs beforehand. The frequency of cleaning your home will depend on a number of factors. Homes with several children and pets will require cleaning more often. A weekly cleaning would be more appropriate in this case. If you don’t have any kids and pets, you may consider cleaning your home every two weeks or even once a month.

Though there are various factors to consider, having your home deep cleaned thrice a year is more appropriate. Note that things such as wiping kitchen surfaces, sweeping the kitchen floor, cleaning around your toilet bowl, and making beds are tasks you’re supposed to do daily. Your budget may influence the frequency of cleaning your home. Note that professional cleaning companies usually provide homeowners with regular service depending on their schedule. Whether you want weekly cleaning, bi-weekly, monthly, or every three to six weeks, your needs will be met.

How Often Should You have your Office Cleaned?

Understand that every business is unique and complex in its own way. The needs of your business are different from those of other businesses in your area. Your office space is very different as well. While there are offices that don’t require so much when it comes to cleaning, other have higher cleaning needs due to their unique circumstances. However, the fact still remains, having a clean office has an impact on your employee’s productivity.

Some of the factors that will affect the frequency of cleaning your office include, the number of your employees and the size of your building. It’s important that your business develops some basic daily cleaning routines to help in promoting the well-being of your staff. Daily office cleaning tasks include cleaning the restrooms, maintaining clean doors, and cleaning the employee break room. You don’t want to have your employees getting sick due to unclean restrooms. The breakroom is also key to your business performance as it’s the place where your employees get refreshed and rejuvenated while on duty.

Areas such as the parking or office entrance need to be cleaned as needed or on every week. Remember your entrance is crucial for creating a good first impression for your business. You don’t want to have a dirty entryway. Don’t forget that your business only gets one shot when it comes to first impressions. Be sure to hire a licensed and insured janitorial service to take care of your office or home cleaning needs.